By Mike and Mike Correspondent, Jessica Otten

Currently posted on the New Vocations website for adoption and located at the New York facility, this month's horse highlight features Kashability, who is ready to take on a new career. I had the opportunity to get in contact with the donor of Kashability and I could tell there was a strong bond between Kashability and Patrick Galbraith. 

This beautiful, dark bay, 13-year-old pacing gelding had been a part of Patrick's family since the day he was conceived. “To choose just one memory in 13 years is very difficult, he is one of those horses that always made sure he was known in the barn like he was a big deal, but when it came to my newborn son, he became a complete gentleman,” Patrick said

Kashability earned just over $84,000 in 113 starts. He had 17 wins. He took a mark of 1:52.2 at the age of 5, mainly racing out east, but did do some traveling towards the end of his career. Patrick talked about a few of his fondest memories with his horses, both at a young and older age. “I enjoyed racing him in the Diamond Sparkler series in Batavia. He had always been an okay horse but his two and three-year-old stake career did not quite meet expectations,” Patrick explained. 

“I remember having the driver's championship at Batavia and no matter who was there to drive him, he was ready to race, becoming stronger and stronger with every start, which lead him to win the final. That is when he turned into the horse I expected him to be. After that we took a run at the tracks in Canada, racing at both Woodbine and Mohawk, then eventually competed in the open at Tioga.”
Patrick's most memorable time with Kashability is when he was able to steer him to one of his last lifetime victories at the Red Mile. “Being able to take a win picture with my family and friends in the Red Mile winners circle that was all prepped up for Grand Circuit racing was amazing,” reported Patrick. “Although he was far from his prime, it still felt great to know after two-plus years off, the old horse, who never gave up, could get one of his last wins at such a symbolic track, with me driving.” 

Kashability stands almost 16 hands tall and although he was a pacer in his racing days, he prefers to trot under saddle. He has been on a few trail rides and has loved every minute of it. He has a happy, laid-back attitude, which is perfect for any family. He is a fun horse to be around. He is a very confident horse, so he doesn't mind being turned out alone or with another gelding.
New Vocations Standardbred Program Director, Winnie Nemeth states, “Abe was very easy to transition to a riding horse. He is brave on trails as well as in the indoor arena. He is a little on the lazy side but loves doing something daily. Abe has been ridden through the snow and is such a trooper. Nothing bothers him!” “I am thrilled that there are programs like New Vocations that are there to give retired racehorses opportunities after they are done racing. With that being said I am beyond happy to hear that Kashability had been selected for this months spotlight.” Patrick also added, “Kashability always gave my family and I everything he could no matter what, both in a and off the track. I was ecstatic when New Vocations was going to take him and give him the chance to start a new chapter in his life. My family and I will always be grateful for that, thank you!”
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This Months Feature - Kashability

Photo Credit: Shelley Johnson