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Photo Credit: Shelley Johnson

 By Mike and Mike Correspondent, Jessica Otten

In this edition of Horse Highlight, Post Time with Mike and Mike teams up with New Vocations to feature the beautiful 2010 Somebeachsomewhere gelding Camvault, who was donated by Wendy Cameron.

Cameron bred and raised Camvault and she adored him dearly.

“Camvault was perhaps one of the best-bred colts we have bred and foaled at our farm. He is definitely our largest foal and is absolutely the best looking foal/horse we have owned. I say one of the best-bred because we have his full brother, Cammikey, who was very successful racing for us. Cam resembles more of his dam, Always Cam, and Vault looks more like his sire, Somebeachsomewhere,” shared Cameron.

When breeding a horse, the best part about it is naming the foal. Camvault has a meaning behind his name as Cameron took time to explain.

“Camvault originates from our family’s origin of the "Cam" name. The original Cam was named Cambev after our company’s original name, Cameron Beverages. Later our company was named Cameron Coca-Cola. Vault was a popular Coca-Cola brand at the time, so Camvault was born; it also happened to be my mother’s favorite soft drink and she names our foals.”

Starting into his 2-year-old year he had a few setbacks. He struggled with some health issues when he began training as a yearling. He had stifle surgery as a 2-year-old at Ohio State University, where they placed screws in his stifles; he raced with no issues after that.

“He was very fortunate to have Dr. Alicia Bertone and had a very successful outcome,” proclaimed Cameron. “He trained back and began racing as a 3-year-old. Unfortunately, his size, conformation, and strength did not overcome his nervousness on the track. We decided to retire him and take him home. I continued to work with him at our farm with aqua treading, lunging, and daily turnout. In addition, he spent five months with Julie Allison learning to be a riding horse.”

Camvault had a short racing career with only 12 starts and putting $15,823 in the bank.

While being in contact with Cameron you could tell how passionate she was about not only Camvault, but every horse that comes into her care.

"I want nothing but the best for them on and off the racetrack. It was a difficult decision for us to part with Vault, however, he matured a great deal not being on the track and we felt he needed a more productive life and hopefully someone who can give him a wonderful home,” stated Cameron.

“He seems to really like riding a lot. He is a little pushy on the ground and needed a reminder in manners, but now is doing excellent. He will make a fantastic show or trail horse,” stated Winnie Nemeth, New Vocations' Standardbred Program Director. "It was great that Cameron saw the benefit to continue training Camvalut as a riding horse to help him excel in his next career. This will be essential in helping him find the perfect adopter."

Camvault will be soon posted for adoption; he is a part of the “Back to School” special. Originally the adoption fee would be $800, but through the end of September, you will get $200 off. Be sure to visit and check out all of the amazing athletes they have for adoption. Remember, make your next horse an ex-racehorse!

This Months Feature - Camvault