2019 George Morton Levy Bracket Buster Contest‚Äč presented by the SOA of NY

                   Send selections to mike@posttimewithmikeandmike.com


-Entry box opens Thursday, March 7 at Noon and closes Wednesday, March 13 at Noon.

-Each entrant will select one (1) horse from each division and an alternate in case of a scratch.

-Entrants will receive points based on where their horse finishes.  

-Points will be awarded as follows: 1st: 3 Points 2nd: 2 Points and 3rd: 1 Point. In the event of a dead heat, points will be combined and then split between both entrants.

-At the end of each week points will be tallied and the entrant with the most points will advance to the next round.  

-In the event of a scratch, entrants will get their alternate selection, if no alternate is selected the entrant will receive 0 points for that selection.

-In the event of a tie, a total of all points earned by the alternate selections will be used.

-If after the alternate selections are used there is still a tie, entrants will submit selections for the Bluechip Matchmaker the following Friday to see who will move on.

-Entrants must submit selections by Thursday evening at 9:30 PM during each week of the contest.

-Entries not submitted by Thursday at 9:30 PM will not count and be marked as receiving 0 points that week.

-If selections are not turned in by two people facing each other, both will be deemed out of the tournament and the person playing them in the next round will receive a BYE.

-Prizes will be awarded in the following format: 1st: $250.00, 2nd: $150.00, 3rd and 4th: $50.00

-There will be a $100.00 bonus if the NCAA Basketball team who is in your seed and you win the respective tournaments. (NCAA Tournament & Levy Tournament)

-No purchase necessary and there is no entry fee.  The contest is 100% FREE to enter.

Results as of 3/17/2019 10:04 AM


Week 2: UNOFFICIAL 3/24/19 12:58 AM

*If status of results is unofficial, then you have 48 hours from the time scores were posted to dispute your score.